Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra – A Case Study

The Great Latrobe Park project team are looking at ideas and pictures of how we could design and plan what we hope becomes the Great Latrobe Park.

We continue to research for stunning pictures of existing projects that provide us a visual guide and outline of what the benchmark of a future development could be, but another argument is this – the medium, is the message! A successful Great Latrobe Park should provide visitors the ability to stop and capture ‘share worthy’ imagery from which to project and communicate to others the beauty of the location. Whether it be for social sharing or any other photographic pursuit, a beautiful picture speaks volumes and will be a critical indicator in judging the success of the park. After all, what we’re trying to avoid is an unusable, inaccessible, un-photographable pit lake which serves no use, purpose or entertainment to the local population and economy. Seems simple right?

Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin is an excellent case study of a lake done right. We recommend all readers to check out this link to explore the details of this asset for Canberra in more detail.

Map of Lake Burley Griffin

Panoramic image of Lake Burley Griffin as shown on Wikipedia

Excerpt of Lake Burley Griffin image from Wikipedia